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1280 Oviedo Mall Boulevard #1095, Oviedo, FL 32765, USA

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4.5 / 5

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    Kyle Kempf
    December 29, 2022

    I enjoyed my visit and would return. The location itself being attached to the mall isn't great but the interior is spacious and clean. The beer options are varied and I enjoyed a handful quite a bit. The pretzel is a bit disappointing but not bad. The staff was very friendly and the beer was good which are the two most important things

    Arun Krishnamurthy
    January 29, 2022

    Went with my colleague on an early Thursday evening. When we arrived, we were told to sit anywhere, so we sat in the back and were greeted quickly by our server. He told us that we scan the qr code to view the menu and also look at the tv for the beer options. He also offered samples of any beer we would like to try. I wanted something refreshing, so I had the guava beer (6.50 dollars for a glass). It was sour, but a refreshing beer with about 5.4 alcohol content. It was just right for me. For my entree, I went with the steak and fish tacos (4.50 per taco). It was a decent sized taco with ample meat and toppings. Both came with a sauce that enhanced the flavors. Should have bought one more taco as the portions were on the smaller size. Service was friendly, quick, and helpful. When tapping out, our server has the portable card reader and we were able to add the tips and sign directly from the reader. The atmosphere was typical bar style with lots of tvs and standard pop music. There were windows to see the brewery area, but the area was private and I am unsure if tours are offered. The restaurant is in the Oviedo Mall, which is only surviving from the theater, arcade, restaurants, and Dillards. The mall was not crowded at all, and nor was the restaurant. Overall, this is a good place to have craft beer and bar food. I wish there were more menu selections than the typical bar appetizers, and tacos or burgers. The prices were on the higher side, so I would love to see more deals. However, I will come back if I do want to enjoy a nice drink when lingering at the mall.

    David Durre
    May 23, 2022

    Everything was slow. Based on a friends recommendation we tried this place for the first time and all 4 of us were very disappointed. I’m giving three stars only because there was a big event nearby that possibly could have changed part of their normal operation… but they were not busy at all for a brewery on a Saturday. When we entered, the paper sign taped to the podium said “please wait to be seated”. So we did… and we waited… and waited… no greetings, no acknowledgement at all… so we stood there. When the greeter finally arrived, very friendly, he took our number (writing it on a paper left out for the world to see, with many others). We went to the bar to get drinks while we waited… and we waited there too… with half the bar seating available… it was a good 7-8 minutes before anyone behind the bar acknowledged us… finally got our drinks then waited another 15-20 before getting a call from the greeter (even though we were sitting right there and they were not busy) who then seated us. Another wait… luckily we had drinks already. Service was slow… very slow. We even got a second call that a table was ready for us to be seated…some 15 minutes after being seated. We got to the brewery at 3:00 and left at 5:30… with one of us having only one more drink and no one finishing the really bad food… everything was burned. The slider was… very nothing… With the $27 at the bar for three beers and a Coke (no soda fountain? Only bottles) the two bills were $110… for really slow, bad service… and no one ate the food… sadly no one asked about it or how we were doing either. It was a very disappointing visit… the vibe was horrible… but we heard good things about it, so maybe it was just a really bad day… and they hired a new staff that morning or something… and maybe they were terribly understaffed for the handful of tables they had… IDK Thank you to the owner for the response. It really wasn’t that busy inside and there was more action outside. I would only assume this wasn’t your first rodeo though and many of your good reviews are rather old. The place looks amazing… but we can’t possibly continue to blame staffing issues… it’s the boiler plate excuse…. And at some level a viable one. But having much experience in restaurants and hospitality from dishwasher to server to owner and everything in between… I would NEVER serve that garbage to the table and especially would have asked the manager to visit the table for the length of time… many many misses here. Why not over staff for an event you know has a high volume? Just saying. There were literally more empty tables than there were occupied tables. Each of those is a lost sale.

    Michael Boyd
    May 22, 2022

    They had a great selection of beers and seltzers on draft. Very tasty. Also a very nice spot to hang and socialize with others in or outside. As for the food though...👎🏽 alot of my friends all got something different and told me they didn't like it. I aswell was upset with the taste of my buffalo chicken wrap and it was cold.

    August 14, 2022

    Went in after 1pm. There were customers at tables but wouldn't consider it busy necessarily. After looking at the online menu we saw any pizza related item was out of stock and any soft drink related beverages were bottled only. Our server arrived and asked if we wanted any water or beers to start with. My friend ordered unsweetened tea and I asked for ice water. He came back with what he said was the last bottle of tea they had and a plastic cup of lukewarm-medium cool water with no ice for myself. My friend ordered sliders and I ordered fish and chips. My order arrived with the packets of ketchup, malt vinegar and tartar sauce arranged inside the bowl. No small dishes or cups to put the sauces in. The fries were at a proper warm temperature. The fish was very hot initially, upon trying it found that it had a lack of flavor and a texture that was very unappealing. I tried dipping in the tartar sauce, and that did not improve or hide what I was experiencing. Same with the malt vinegar. I tried the smaller of the 2 filets and that's when I could see that the batter was mushy and uncooked on the inside. The piece of fish basically slid out of the shell of batter. I tried biting the fish and it did not give or break. Basically it had the toughness of a slice of turkey. The server came over and I told him about the food and said I didn't care for anything else. Very disappointing, especially since my friend that was with me was looking forward to going there on his list of places to eat.

    Oviedo Brewing Company

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    1280 Oviedo Mall Boulevard #1095, Oviedo, FL 32765, USA

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